My approach to arts has started when I become student of the Hungarian Dance Academy at the age of 10. There I studied not just dance but fine arts and visual arts as well. I became a professional ballet dancer and danced for many years in many countries.

 A few years ago, near to the end of my dance career I started to reach out for new medium which through I was able to express myself after the “stage years”. As I found photography, the realization came quickly that this is way more abiding form of art than dance, which opens a whole new dimension with possibilities in front of me on the field of art.

 Since I don’t dance any more, I only focus on photography. My main interest is pointed towards creating artistic concepts and turn them to photographs. As an always moving person, dance photography stayed on the horizon of my interest, time to time I’m more than pleased to capture the most beautiful movements – dance. As a freelance artist I'm  available for commissions. I always look for opportunities to collaborations with other creators.  Munich, 2019 My name is András Dobi, I’m a photographer, born in Hungary. Currently I live and work in Munich. In the following portfolio you find an excerpt of the work I have done in the past and the tendency I would like to continue in the future. I come from the field of performing arts as I was educated as professional ballet dancer and practiced my profession for many years. During the last couple of years of my dance career I learnt photography to be able to continue my artistic work as a photographer. My future plan is to adapt the approach of fine art photography to commissioned work such as fashion and people photography. I’m eager to implement the contemporary elements of the theatrical look to a creative process to create a unique look to my works. And deliver them to your clients.

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