Jennifer Franzke is a contemporary American painter whose large watercolours focus on the intersection of human culture and wild life. Her beautifully detailed, often violent paintings depict a world where human figures rarely appear but their effect is always implied. Institutional exhibitions by Franzke include The Tatzelwurm, Kitzbühel Museum, Austria, 2019-2020 (with a special showing of the Tatzelwurm Taxidermy Lion in The Natural History Museum, Vienna); Love Actually, Deutsches National Jagd- und Fischereimuseum, Munich, Germany; and SchnappSCHUSS! (SnapSHOT!), Deutsches National Jagd- und Fischereimuseum, Munich, Germany. Franzke's Tatzelwurm exhibition at the Kitzbühel Museum, Austria took place from 2019-2020. Her love of the Tirol, the Alps and it's wildlife is a source of inspiration for her work. Franzke took the Tatzelwurm, the mythological dragon of the Alps, from it's 17th century origins and brought it into the modern world. As wildlife and city boundaries are increasingly blurred, the Tatzelwurm also encroaches on the town of Kitzbühel and the surrounding ski region. The Natural History Museum in Vienna and Franzke created a life size Tatzelwurm to accompany the exhibit. The Tatzelwurm exhibit had the highest visitor numbers ever recorded for the Museum Kitzbühel. Selected large scale watercolours from the Kitzbühel Museum and taxidermy project with the Naturally History Museum Vienna

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