​Magali CHESNEL is a French artist, painter and self-taught photographer. Born in Versailles and a native of Brittany - France. Works in Geneva – Switzerland. She is an award-winning and globally exhibited aerial photographer. Her ambitions are: To reveal the world from another perspective: the aerial view, pushing the boundaries between photography and painting to offer a truly unique perspective. With aerial photography, she adds an extra dimension, a degree of confusion which offers incredible views, the "wow factor". ​​To be witness of her time, to take reality by surprise, to anticipate events with new pictures, to inform the public and to raise awareness, with ethics. ​She is particularly fascinated by the salt marshes. By observing them from above, she can behold the spectacular designs of Mother Nature. The intricate patterns, the actions and reactions of the elements which all blend together to form a canvas which never fails to impress. Influenced and inspired by Rothko’s principles, she relies on the primacy of raw emotion and pushes the boundaries of form and color. The aim is to display nature’s canvas in all it is glory, creating a confusion in the eye of the beholder, marveling in their "painting-like” form. Her photos create a confusion between reality and illusion, photography and painting. "I like photography because it bathes me, confronts me with its reality, its challenges and its moments of time, which will never come back. When it arrives to give me a more complete view of life, with what surrounds us, in a gripping way, stronger than the reality is itself, the composition is successful, the emotion is there." Magali CHESNEL​

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