Rafael Amoros

“My works are the text I want to write; the music I want to compose; the dance I want to dance. "| Solo exhibitions | 1983 La Fona, Oliva (Valencia). Mirage, Valencia. 1985 Commemoration of the 100th birthday of the painter José Segrelles. 1986 Exhibition hall of the CAM, Villena (Alicante). 1987 Caixa d'Ontinyent Exhibition Hall, Gandia (Valencia). ME BAD. Valencia. 1988 Exhibition "L’Individu com a Forma", Centro de Cultura de Ontinyent, (Valencia). Exhibition "L’Individu com a Forma", exhibition hall of the UNESCO of Alcoi (Alicante). Art in school, Ontinyent, (Valencia). Exhibition "L’Individu com a Forma", Justino Cultural Center Azcárate, Swedish (Valencia). 1989 "Footprints" exhibition. Galería Dávila, Valencia. "Footprints" exhibition. Mona Gallery, Dénia (Alicante). "Footprints" exhibition. Antaviana Gallery, Alzira (Valencia). 1990 "Footprints". Galeria Davila Valencia. Edition of the screen print Petjades in the Galería Sen, Madrid. "Footprints" exhibition. Muntaner Gallery, Barcelona. "Footprints" exhibition. Exhibition hall I.B., Ontinyent (Valencia). 1991 Realization of the illustrations for the book Tuacte of Poetry. the Marina (Alicante). Exhibition in the showroom of The Ultimate Cats of Benidorm, (Alicante). 1992 “Organics”, Mona Gallery in Dénia. Issue of the advertising folder with Orgànics Lithography for the enterprise Rottapharm S.A. (Research group Rotta). 1994 Exhibition "Autoretrats-Autoreptats", Casa Exhibition Hall from the window of Benidorm. 1995 Exhibition “Autoretrats-Autoreptats”, Reiffenstein Gallery, Vienna (Austria). Purchase of graphic works for the library holdings National, Madrid. Exhibition "Autoretrats-Autoreptats", exhibition hall of the CAM, Vencil by Art La Llotgeta, Valencia. Edition of the Atzavara, L’Horta (Valencia) engraving case. 1996 Edition of the engraving folder Som, Paiporta and Valencia. From a time, from a village, Sala de Exposiciones Costura Pedro, Albaida (Valencia). Issue of the engraving folder D’un temps, d’un poble.

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