At ARTOUI we want artists to benefit from their CREATIVITY. That’s why we have put together a group of art loving investors and created a disruptive platform where artists can sell their artworks free of charge and increase their global reach. We support artists with image videos, artist interviews and effective marketing. Thanks to our transparent and fair business model, artists focus on creation, earn well above average and even make money when our customers decide to buy a frame together with their artwork.

At ARTOUI we want artists to benefit from the entire customization of their artwork. We want to entice the best artists to participate and be discovered by art lovers who are looking for truly different artworks.

At ARTOUI, established as well as young, talented artists sell their originals and may offer selected artworks as limited editions on our exclusive materials. For every single artwork it’s 100% artist’s choice: Which of our materials best matches the artwork? What sizes do look perfect? Is a handfinished surface recommendable? Art lovers find an AFFORDABLE, CURATED SELECTION where imagery and materials are the perfect fit.

ARTOUI curators explore unique art from different styles and mediums. Art collectors will find new painters, photographers and sculptors. New talents and artists on the rise. Exciting new styles and artists shaping the landscape of contemporary art.

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