The traffic Light

The traffic Light
oil on canvas
150x100 cm
A figure appears on a red background, there are fragments of something that looks like a street, a pedestrian crossing, with a traffic light next to it. The figure, a young woman, does not look at us, she is only interested in what she can read on her mobile phone, or maybe she is just playing while she waits for it to turn green and she can pass. The artist plays again here with the idea of fragments, inciting us to finish building the image. Using the background to build part of the figure.
4500 €
About the author
Esther Miranda
Esther Miranda
Esther Miranda Garrido was born in Vitoria, Basque Country, Spain | Degree in Philosophy from the University of Granada, Spain | Studied painting and drawing with the artist Jesús Miguel Rodriguez de la Torre | Currently lives and works in Andalusia,...
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