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Charly Meyer

Charly Meyer

Netherlands based Charly Meyer was still a kid when in the weekends his father turned their living room into a darkroom to develop the black and white pictures he took of his family. The white sheet of paper that slowly turned into an image was like magic. It laid the foundation for Charly's future. After studying photography in the early '70s he started as a freelance photographer. Almost three decades of photography led him through retail, commercial and editorial photography. After his active career he went to pursue his creative curiosity. He sees the evolution of photography as a source of endless possibilities, as can be seen in his current artwork.
Actiniaria II
Turbinaria Reniformis
Catalaphyllia Jardinei
Pterois Volitans
Argonautidae I
Schizophyllum Commune
Trametes Versicolor
Hygrophorus Capreolarius
Cynara Scolymus
Cortinarius Rigens
Lentinellus Cochleatus
Pteropurpura I
Balanus Perforatus I