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Esther Miranda

Esther Miranda

Esther Miranda Garrido was born in Vitoria, Basque Country, Spain | Degree in Philosophy from the University of Granada, Spain | Studied painting and drawing with the artist Jesús Miguel Rodriguez de la Torre | Currently lives and works in Andalusia, Spain | Esther Miranda's main theme has always been the human being, both the relationship that people establish with each other and their relationship with their surroundings. Her figures often appear incomplete, constructed from fragments, which is how memory works, and these fragments allow her to play with the integration of the figures in their background, breaking the boundary that separates them, creating a play of light and shadow that make up the figure. Her style is unmistakable, with a precise drawing and a powerful use of light, showing scenes full of optimism. The space, in which sometimes we can guess the terrace of a restaurant, or something that reminds us of a street, also disappears in some of his paintings, presenting a flat background that leaves the figures focused only on the relations between them. A new series she has been working on since 2021 is "Inner Sea", an emotional and semi-abstract way of understanding the landscape, which sometimes appears alone, in the form of waves, or rocks, with a strong spirituality, or with a figure that seems to be partly made of water. Since 2012 she has devoted herself exclusively to painting, exhibiting her work extensively in Germany and at fairs in different European countries.
sinfonia en violetas
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