ARTOUI is a single source, full service PRODUCTION COMPANY for art, design and project management. Over the last years we have developed proven art concepts for the upscale office and hotel segment. We offer different concepts that can be selected individually or combined in order to fit your budget and master concept. Our team of professional designers and specialists collaborate at every step: meeting your goals in terms of design, time and cost. Please ask us for INTERNATIONAL REFERENCES.

We leverage our relationship with famous artists to provide the the most CREATIVE solution for your office or hotel spaces. At ARTOUI, we STRENGTHEN YOUR MISSION STATEMENT through exclusive artworks.

Feel inspired by the POWER OF ART: Curated artworks have the ability to pick up the theme of the interior design, and it has the power to breathe uniqueness and authenticity into each room. The philosophy of placing the art concept above the decorative requirements of typical hotel or office spaces is especially important to ARTOUI. Guests and customers should feel as if they are visiting a coherent exhibit with every room revealing new perspectives on the main theme. Our artworks create an EMOTIONAL BOND with demanding employees and guests. Eccentric? Surprising? Calm? The emotion and theme you are looking for will be expressed by the choice of artworks we propose to you.

At ARTOUI we strongly believe in the authentic connection between art and hospitality. Spaces with our art collections are places customers want to see… and see again.

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