Damenschuhe, Mixed Media auf Leinwand
120x160 cm
The painting by Michael Griesbeck is being sold including shoes. "Nude" is a homage to lying on the beach, the longing for warmth and the sea. With the "Shoetime" series, Michael Griesbeck interprets missing quality of life, a transformation of lost emotions. We quote the artist: "Shoetime is the attempt to create a counterweight, or better still, a kind of outlet. So it was time to turn to the color palette of fashion. According to this motto, the next cycle began, a further development of the colorful Under Construction series. Why high heels, you ask? Well, a "style" device was needed, a kind of "catalyst". Painting with a high heel, a metaphor, provocative, sexy and purposely not without controversy. Aware of the options, but also of the polarizing effect, I stage and use the sanctuary of the woman, like a sacrilege. But even these shoes, and of course the women themselves, could neither be shown nor seen at this time, so they went through the same phase of lost lifetime. And so it is precisely this "use" in a conscious, idiosyncratic ART that makes the shoe itself a work of art at the same time. He, the shoe, is not reduced, on the contrary, it is staged - it is respectfully elevated to an independent sculpture. Aware of exactly this attention, people have long been philosophizing about options for staging the elegant heel in a completely different way."
5900 €
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Michael Griesbeck
Michael Griesbeck
Michael Griesbeck, born in Munich in 1970, lives in Munich and Murnau, in the heart of the Blue Country. While his education took place in Munich, the world-famous city in Bavaria, he spent every fr...
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