Why commission artworks?

You fell in love with a certain painting or an artist’s signature style? You want a painting created by that artist to perfectly suit your home or office?

Some clients have a clear vision with specific requirements for size, colors and theme when they do decide to commission an original painting. Some clients prefer to be inspired by our proposals before deciding which path to go. Commissioning an original painting is a worthwhile and exciting process.
How You Can Commission an Artwork with ARTOUI

1. Share Your Idea

Contact us and describe your vision or show us the space where your commission artwork is going to hang or talk to us about your inspiration.

2. Find An Artist

You can propose one of our artists or we will review your request and suggest a few artists for the project.

3. Collaboration

Once we have chosen an artist, we will coordinate a call with you and the artist to discuss the details of the artwork. Together, we determine the colors, subject, measurements, textures and any other variables that are important to consider while developing a custom work. For us and the artist, it is very helpful to understand not only what you like but also what you do not like. Once the concept is finalized and the sketch is approved, the artist typically takes a few months to complete the custom painting. We will show you photos of the result and we will talk about the result before final approval.