Individual Art Concepts for the Corporate World. Curated wall art collections. Materials beyond the Gallery Standard.

Impress your guests with art. Over the last years, we have developed art concepts for the upscale hotel segment.

We offer different
concepts that can be selected individually or combined in order to fit the master concept of your hotel.
Inspirational, different and stylish. Artworks that create an emotional
bond with the demanding guest.

Our high-end materials combined
with captivating imagery create
an intense relationship with your
Corporate Art that inspires customers and employees.

From the canteen to reception rooms to offices and restrooms, we can set a desired mood with our in-house produced art.
Your store or shop concept is based on design? With our curated art collections we can deliver the right visual fit.

ARTOUI exclusive materials ensure a sense of luxury.
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ARTOUI Art to impress your clients and employees

A well curated selection of artworks will underline your corporate message. Your stakeholders will perceive the mood that we can create for your walls.

Selection of Artists
We can select one or several artists matching the desired mood for your spaces. Perhaps you would like to underline your corporate identity through the creative perspective of an artist? Or you prefer a completely different visual concept? Artworks that express a certain coherent atmosphere?

Speak to us about your visual needs and we will propose painters or photographers that speak the desired visual language.
Individual Shootings
We create an artistic concept and shoot it exclusively for your company. We take into consideration your corporate identity and architectural requirements.

A thoughtful and carefully executed art concept marks the difference for your stakeholders. Whether artlovers or not, your guests and employees will appreciate the attention to details. Past corporate art projects and client feedback show us constantly how much power there is in curated
Digital Post Production
Once we have produced the imagery, it's all about the last touches. We have a creative and efficient in-house post production team with outstanding editing capabilities. Our company is aimed to make your corporate art concept eye-catching and stellar. So, what is post production for us? The deliberate approach to every project and deep consideration of the client’s terms and conditions reinforce the given task’s creative execution. There will always be a variation in lighting and colour depth in post. Professional colour-correction helps to maintain continuity throughout the visual works.

ARTOUI post production is companionship with a multifaceted approach and cunning masters who have profound knowledge to deliver results with accuracy and expertise.
In-house Print Production
At ARTOUI we print on exclusive materials for selected artists. We enhance artworks by creating finishing layers in German craftmanship quality.

Glass, wood, ceramics, concrete, aluminum and other smooth or uneven surface areas are just some examples for our wide material selection. As final layer we are able to create different degrees of handcrafted matt or gloss effect. Our work is visible and tangible for artlovers all around the world.

We produce high end wall art in-house. This way we ensure consistent quality and are able to follow specific client requirements with regards to specific material attributes.
Picture Hanging
We deliver the most reliable, seamless, and professional picture and art hanging services in commercial settings. We take care of one of the most important interior design aspects of a commercial space: the artworks and pictures you display on your walls. These are the finishing touches to your space. Your guestes and employees notice when it’s great and they notice when it’s not.

When you have worked in as many galleries as we have, you are able to guarantee perfectly hung pictures and artwork installations. A team of perfectionists, we pride ourselves on delivering the straightest, safest, and professional art hanging services. There is a lot of legwork involved in picture hanging to ensure all pieces are level, spaced properly, securely attached to the wall and the right type of anchors and fasteners are used. Our professional art hangers are well versed in all of the intricacies of picture hanging on a variety of different wall types.
"ARTOUI delivered a unique artistic concept of fine art photography, conducted the shooting process and provided us with the highest quality prints.

The Hotel LUC is characterized by straightforwardness and the combination with the photo art of the Hungarian photo artist András Dobi. Both the artistic and production quality of this fine art photography collection help our guests capsulating the memory of their stay in the Hotel LUC."
Michael Wagner  |  Munich Hotel Partners


Discover the Hotel LUC Collection by András Dobi. We developed the story, executed the shooting and produced the artworks on high end fine art materials.

How would you like your wall art? With a focus on aesthetics and décor? Or with an underlying, coherent art concept?

ARTOUI Artists

Meet some of the artists that can work on your corporate art project.

ARTOUI Materials

Exclusive Materials. Variety of surfaces beyond the Gallery Standard.
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