When one of the most successful bands of the 21st century was planning an art exhibition in the premises of a well-known German car manufacturer in Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu, we developed our own material that should combine the artistic idea of the band and the premium vehicles in one material.

So we took our fine art prints on metal to the varnishing facility and lacquered all the images in several layers by hand. Over several months and after many experiments, High Gloss with a unique glossy effect was created.

Individual options at the highest quality level - that's what ARTOUI is all about for me.

Benjamin Gibtner | Head of Production

ARTOUI Art Production made in Germany

At ARTOUI, we ship art from Munich to everywhere in the world. We create, produce and process locally in Munich and Kirchseeon.

Individual works on exclusive materials
At ARTOUI, extraordinary artists meet the highest quality of finishing. Our artists select the materials which best fit the motif of each piece.

Here, art lovers will find well-known materials as well as
innovative, exclusive finishing.

Art can be printed on smooth or uneven surfaces. Images with a matte or shiny surface create a haptic sensible experience.
At ARTOUI, the motif fits the material
Our artists appreciate our unique materials and know how to match them to their artworks. For every piece, ARTOUI artists choose suitable materials and refined surfaces to fit the motif.

Our customers then customize the picture to their preferred finishing,
suited to their own tastes and interior design needs, whether for the customer’s home or working area.

Experienced colour management
Once artists have produced their artwork, it's all about the last touches. We have a creative and efficient in-house post production team with outstanding editing capabilities. There will always be a variation in lighting and colour depth in post. Professional colour-correction helps to maintain continuity throughout the visual works.

ARTOUI post production is companionship with a multifaceted approach and cunning masters who have profound knowledge to deliver results with accuracy and expertise.
Quality control
We produce high end wall art in-house. This way we ensure consistent quality and are able to follow specific requirements from artists and buyers with regards to specific material attributes.

We are the Home of Unique Art. Having unique processes with regard to quality control is part of our work ethics.
Constant development of innovative surfaces
■ Handmade finishes from matte to high gloss
■ Haptic tactile and visible structures
■ Direct printing on smooth and uneven surfaces
■ Relief printing
■ Framing workshop

How do we find the right material-motif combination?

Different materials represent the same artwork in different ways. Some of the materials have even, others have uneven surfaces, some finish is glossy but others are matt. One of our jobs is to find the best fit for an artwork. We spend a lot of time talking to artists about the right material fit for their creative ideas. This motivates us testing continuously material-motif combinations.

Since we offer a wide variety of materials, we have gathered a good amount of experience on the field of printing. We offer a selection of classic photo prints which has the highest quality of colour and form reproduction as well as some unusual materials such as stone and wood. ARTOUI also produces high quality prints on plate surfaces such as aluminium, glass, acryl and even ceramics. We also deliver the finest look of finishes such as lack and coatings.

For some artworks, ARTOUI developed not just optical, but practical sealings to prevent corrosion, thus making it possible to apply them not just in galleries or homes, but industrial and other extreme environments.

ARTOUI Materials

Exclusive Materials. Variety of surfaces beyond the Gallery Standard.
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