ARTOUI story

A couple of years ago, a gallerist and a printmaker were wondering about the art world. They were not even sitting. Talking in the middle of their art gallery in Munich. Discussing the online art market: Many good things, some bad things and a few ugly things. They listed what had to be improved – for artists and art lovers alike.

Both already had a decent experience in their fields. Was there a way to offer unique art at affordable prices? Could they treat artists with respect and fair share? And did the world really need a new art platform?

Their answer was: YES! JA! SI!
Yes to ART. OUI!
ARTOUI was born.
Hello, it‘s time to introduce ourselves: We are Benjamin Gibtner, our printmaker and Daniel Cid Gómez, our gallerist. We knew back then, we had to create an art platform. As if it was for ourselves and for our art loving friends. The art world was never in need of disruption. We simply wanted to preserve what worked and change what did not work. We wanted to defend the artists‘ interests: Since those days we truly believe that trust and fair treatment attract the best artists. We also knew that only talented artists do attract art lovers and art collectors.

So, why not creating a home, where being unique defines everything?

Now it was all about finding the answers to the 3 most important and yet simple questions:

The why is easy to explain : People live happier with unique art. Art lovers are unique. Artists are unique.
That‘s why ARTOUI is the HOME OF UNIQUE ART.

The how is a never-ending process. To make an art audience really, really happy, we wanted to create a truly unique experience. We wanted art lovers to see immediately that artists feel good in our home.

We began developing and our ARTOUI Quality Promise based on: Unique talents, unique materials, unique workflows and unique production techniques.

In short, we needed to know more about art lovers and artists. Yes, we had already gained experience in the secondary art market and organized well visited exhibitions. Newspaper and magazine articles had been written about us. We had worked with famous artists and international brands before. We had already developed materials beyond the gallery standard. But we needed an artist‘s perspective in the team. That‘s why András Dobi, our awarded fine art photographer joined ARTOUI. In his lugagge, a clear vision. That‘s when we were ready to go deep into the art curation process. Connecting artists and art lovers became our main goal.

As a team, we know how to empower artists. We know how to match motifs and materials. We know how to promote and sell art. Together, we know how to treat artists in a fair and transparent way.

Every day, we are on the lookout for artists that the general public will love tomorrow.
Yes, the same unique artists that art lovers discover today at ARTOUI.

What do we do then at the HOME OF UNIQUE ART ?

The ARTOUI Art Platform
is where artists and art lovers meet.
Home of Unique Art. Sure, you have heard that already.
But did you know that we have created the ARTOUI Art Cockpit?
That‘s the private room each curated artist receives in the Home of Unique Art.
Here artists are in control. They are free to combine motifs and materials.
It‘s in the ARTOUI Art Cockpit that artists see their fair share for sold artworks.
Once the artworks have been approved by our curators, they become visible for everybody on

is the entry point to the art world.
Open Editions, tasteful artworks that are affordable.
Art lovers configure the size, material and frame
until they are happy with their own unique piece of art.

are artist‘s choice:
For each unique artwork the artist selects the material that fits best,
signs the certificate and makes art collectors happy.

are signed artworks created by the hands of artists.
Sometimes guided by the artists‘ mind, sometimes by their heart.
Always by their passion for fine arts.
That‘s what makes art collectors happy when they appreciate „their“ unique original on the wall.
We could go on and on with our story. We love the power of visual arts. So it‘s time to invite you to discover our curated artists.

Let art speak for itself. Browse through our unique art collections. Discover young talents and established artists. Welcome! Have fun and feel at home.
This is ARTOUI.
Who is working at the HOME OF UNIQUE ART?