Meet the ARTOUI Team

One printmaker. One gallerist. One artist. A couple of art loving investors. Together, we are proud of our achievements in the art world.

Benjamin Gibtner | Managing Partner
Head of Production
Studied Media Management | Printing and production expert | 8 years of online marketing experience | Social media expert | Project management for online and offline sales | Product development for fine art prints on exclusive materials
Daniel Cid Gómez | Managing Partner
Head of Arts
Studied Finance and Business in Germany and England | 10 years Investment Banking in Frankfurt and London | Gallery owner since 2007 | Organisation of huge art events | Regular exhibitor at art fairs | Commission sales to top 5 art auction houses
András Dobi | Artist
Head of Curation
Studied Fine Arts, Contemporary Dance, Art History and Film Aesthetics | Former professional ballet dancer | Fine Art Photographer | Finalist in the Siena Creative Photo Awards in 2020 | Global Grant Winner of the Fujifilm GFX Challenge Grant in 2021
Paloma Wimmer | Marketing
Head of PR & Communications
Studies in Journalism | Creative Professional specialised in PR, Marketing and Brand Management | Communication Planning and Strategy | Brand Builder | Project Lead of Design, Art & Lifestyle Magazine THE CURATOR
Laura Joachim | Art Advisory
Corporate Art Consulting
Trained Event Manager | Focus on Design Concepts and Space Planning | Sales Strategist | Radio and editorial experience | Corporate Art Specialist
Sarah Hauzinger | Art Advisory
Corporate Art Consulting
Passionate B2B Sales Expert since 20 years | Strategic Sales Development | Insurance, Real Estate and Advertising experience | Corporate Art Specialist
Claudia Knauss | Investor
Advisory Board | Curator
Publisher at + KNAUSS Verlag | 1980 - 2012 Managing Partner of HEYE Verlag | 1968 - 1980 Art Buyer HEYE Verlag | Under her leadership, HEYE Verlag expanded the licensing business with Walt Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Werner, Helme Heine, Loriot, Quint Buchholz and Charles M. Schulz
Jürgen Yussof Knauss | Investor
Advisory Board
Entrepreneur and Photographer | 1989 Takeover of HEYE Verlag together with Claudia Knauss | Expansion into the largest calendar publisher in Germany | 2003 as CEO of Heye advertising agency, development of the McDonald's slogan "I‘m loving it", after a worldwide competition among 14 agencies | 1994 Man of the Year award in the German advertising industry
Alexander Schramm | Investor
Legal Advisor
Former manager | Currently entrepreneur, consultant and lawyer | Brings his extensive and many years of experience as a business, communication and legal advisor to the ARTOUI team | Expertise in international brand management and communication | Experience in corporate development at group level | Business angel for start-ups
Frank Pichlmüller | Investor
Business Development Advisor
Consumer Marketeer | Expert for new strategies & concepts | 6 years in marketing at McDonald's Germany | Managing Director experience on the agency side | Since 2009 consultant at his own brand FPI CONSULTING | Initiator of the MARKETING-SPARRING.COM network | Startup Entrepreneur & Investor
Dimitrios Papadopoulos | IT
Head of NFT Technology
Studied IT and Coding | Digitalization Evangelist & API Management | Certified Scrum ProductOwner | Programming languages: C, C++, Java, Ruby, Python, Perl, Javascript, Typescript, NodeJS | Databases: MySQL, Postgres SQL, Apache Druid | Frameworks: RubyOnRails, Vue.js


Discover Tailored Art, Limited Editions and Originals from painters and photographers. You will find experienced and awarded artists as well as talented newcomers.

is the entry point to the art world.
Open Editions, tasteful artworks that are affordable.
Art lovers configure the size, material and frame
until they are happy with their own unique piece of art.
are artist‘s choice:
For each unique artwork the artist selects the material that fits best, signs the certificate and makes art collectors happy.
are signed artworks created by the hands of artists.
Sometimes guided by the artists‘ mind, sometimes by their heart. Always by their passion for fine arts.
That‘s what makes art collectors happy when they appreciate „their“ unique original on the wall.

ARTOUI  |  Home of Unique Art

ARTOUI is the trusted source for artists and collectors worldwide. From interpreting an artist’s vision to building exhibition walls, ARTOUI has a proven track record for completing projects on-time, on-budget and to the highest international standards

At ARTOUI, we promote the work of both emerging and established artists through professional quality fine art shows and exhibitions, art representation, curation and advising. We empower artists with the necessary professional tools to drive the growth of their businesses and create value through their artistic practice. We increase awareness on unrecognized talented artists, which helps artists and collectors alike. Through our art network, artists increase their global reach and sell more art.

Art has taken on lasting significance with private collectors, family offices and companies. Collecting art contributes to a diversified portfolio. We are able to execute client mandates to strategically realign collections and evaluate thematic collections.
At ARTOUI, we want artists to benefit from their creativity. That’s why we have put together a group of art loving investors and created a disruptive platform where artists can sell their artworks free of charge.

We support artists with image videos, artist interviews and effective marketing. Thanks to our transparent and fair business model, artists focus on creation, earn well above average and even make money when our customers decide to buy a frame together with their artwork.
On the ARTOUI Art Platform, established as well as young, talented artists sell their originals and may offer selected artworks as limited editions on our exclusive materials. Once an artist has been curated by our curation team, for every single artwork it’s 100% artist’s choice: Which of our materials best matches the artwork? What sizes do look perfect? Is a handfinished surface recommendable? Art lovers find a curated selection where imagery and materials are the perfect fit.

ARTOUI curators explore unique art from different styles and mediums. Art collectors will discover painters, photographers and sculptors. New talents and artists on the rise. Exciting new styles and artists shaping the landscape of contemporary art.
We like to curate artists with unusual Bio. Not infrequently with an unusual choice of materials.

This is also reflected in our Limited Editions and Tailored Art:
ARTOUI is an art production company with in-house manufacture facilities for exclusive materials and refined surfaces. We ensure excellent picture quality combined with long-lasting durability. We offer to enhance artworks by creating finishing layers in German craftmanship quality.

Glass, wood, ceramics, concrete, stone, aluminum and other smooth or uneven surfaces are just some examples for our wide material selection. The combination of imagery and material create a haptic, sensible experience.
Our top-notch printing technology adds unmatched colour contrast and clarity. We offer an array of thickness and mounting options to fit every décor and budget. The rich color density of our prints is akin to high-definition TV. As final layer we are able to create different degrees of handcrafted matte or gloss effect.

ARTOUI is artist’s choice for some of the most acclaimed international photographers.

ARTOUI exclusive materials ensure a sense of luxury. We create individually customized art to see and enjoy. Our work is visible and tangible for art lovers all around the world.


People live happier with unique art. Art lovers are unique. Artists are unique. That‘s why ARTOUI is the HOME OF UNIQUE ART. We developed based on: Unique talents, unique materials, unique workflows and unique production techniques.

Would you like to know how it all began? Why, how and what we do. Read the full ARTOUI Story

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