Animal Paintings

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Captivating Animal Paintings for Art Lovers


Dive into ARTOUI’s diverse collection where each painting and artwork with animal motifs brings the splendor of the animal kingdom into your home. From the majestic lion paintings to serene cat paintings and dynamic modern animal paintings, our selection captures the beauty and essence of animals in various artistic styles. Whether you’re drawn to the expressive oil painting animals or the gentle touch of a painting with a dog or horse, discover pieces that speak to your soul.


Modern Animal Artistry


Uncover a world of modern animal paintings that blend contemporary techniques with the timeless beauty of animals. From abstract interpretations to hyper-realistic depictions, these artworks highlight the diversity of animal life in vibrant colors and bold compositions.

Iconic Animal Portraits


From famous animal paintings like The Blue Horses by Franz Marc to custom pet portrait paintings, our gallery celebrates animals in all their glory. Dog paintings, cat modern paintings, and elephant oil paintings showcase the unique personalities and stories of these beloved creatures.

The Majesty of Wildlife in Art


Experience the wild through lion paintings, cow paintings, and more. Each piece offers a glimpse into the lives of magnificent creatures, rendered in exquisite detail by talented artists. Horse oil paintings and famous animal paintings pay tribute to the powerful connection between humans and animals.


At ARTOUI, we honor the beauty and diversity of the animal world through our curated selection of animal-themed art. From paintings with dogs that warm the heart to majestic lion paintings that command attention, each artwork invites viewers to explore the rich tapestry of life. Discover modern animal paintings that push the boundaries of form and color, and famous animal paintings that have captured the imagination of art lovers across generations. Let the animal kingdom inspire your space with art that resonates with the spirit of nature and the animalistic beauty we all admire.