The Goddess

The Goddess
Acrylic on canvas
92x122 cm
Made consciously flexible and Indian, there is a universe implanted within each of his forms, layered and textured, replete with life. Marked with architectural registers of civilisation, impressions of ancient scripts, fish, suggesting the beginning of life, the kite to voyage the flights of freedom, or simply seed, grain and textures of love -- his compositions are poetic with an effortless ease that makes them truly representative of the artist. In spirit the works are all embracing, formally aligning all life forms—human, animal or plant, dovetailing them into one another, the cow discernible in the some of the four-legged forms, probably in veneration of its benevolent motherhood.
4400 €
About the author
Madan Lal
Madan Lal
National Award LALIT KALA AKADEM, Ministry of Culture, Government of India | PUNJAB LALIT KALA AKADEMI SANMAAN-2019, Culture Award and Scholarship from Ministry of Culture of India 2019-20 | BFA, Fine Art, Punjab University | Madan Lal is an Indian living...
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