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Caroline Chevillotte

Caroline Chevillotte

"The goal of art is not to depict reality, but rather to create your own world." Fernando Botero I was born and grew up in Germany/Franconia. Since completing my studies in interior design, which was followed by a short detour into art therapy, I have been living in the Munich area. After completing my studies, I worked as an interior designer and, at the same time, as a lecturer in architectural perspective and descriptive geometry for several years. During this time, painting has always accompanied me and has become my main topic since 2017. The fascination that painting has for me lies in the process of painting, the engagement with the image. I also share the enthusiasm that I feel for painting for photography. She often forms the inspiration for my pictures. When I'm out and about with the camera, I'm always looking for motifs, compositions, structures and interesting lines. In these shots I am interested in the detail, the detail, the play of color, shape and line…. the reduction and abstraction. The freedom that arises from this abstraction, this encryption and alienation, is more interesting to me than the image of what appears to be real. My pictures are compositions of emotional spatial landscapes that draw on the real, but have been processed and reappear in a different form. They are created by the overlay of one layer on the next. Applications of colored areas and shapes, which are often poured, alternate with a layer of line structures or writings and symbols and the incorporation of material and collage elements.
Yellow river
Flock of flamingo 2
Metamorphose Teil 3 des Triptychons
Skygold 2
Global warming 1
Metamorphose Teil 2 des Triptychons
Achat crazy line
Coral reef
Flock of flamingo 1
Global warming 3
Metamorphose Teil 1 des Triptychons
The four elements