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Hakan Ecevit

Hakan Ecevit

The artist, born in 1982, continues to work on painting, on which he grooved during his education at Çankaya High School, in his atelier in Ankara. Although he passed the Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts special talent exam, he preferred Gazi University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of City and Regional Planning and graduated in 2005. He worked with local artists 7 years in France-Paris, Germany-Köln, Netherland-Amsterdam, on basic drawing and design technics, art history, architecture and urban design. He held his first exhibition in the United States in 2017. The artist, who held two solo exhibitions, has participated in many distinguished exhibitions and art fairs in Turkey and abroad, and his works are included in special collections. The artist, who also took place in prominent national written and visual media with his exhibitions, is known for his oil and acrylic paintings as well as series on various themes he created with his unique technique. | Artist Statement: He is always seeking a new way of contemporary art and he continues to create different styles of artworks. For him everything starts with dreaming and he believes that the creativity is innate. He reflects the world around him on his drawings and paintings by reshaping it with his imagination. Creation starts with a shape or image appearing in his mind. Sometimes an entire image appears in his mind, but sometimes he follows his instincts without knowing what will be created in the end. Sometimes his artworks have a discourse, sometimes just let you feel it by yourselves. He’s dedicated to affect people and make them happy, surprised and excited by his art. He loves drawing and painting abstract, colourful shapes and patterns on many kinds of themes. Tiwox creates themed works with lines. Works starting with only one line become increasingly complex, articulated, so they are transformed into a shape. He creates various themes with his style. He has an effort to make either colorful or dark aesthetic presentations in his works.
The Rhino
Bicycle in Amsterdam
My Silence
Colors of My Soul
Beauty on the Horizon
Spider in My Brain
Coral Reef
Listen to Your Heart
Behind the Green
The Model
Night Faced Woman
Glass & High Heels
Cried a Little
The Gem
Paper & Ink
Parting of the Ways
High Heels
The Helmet
Black Octopus
Violet Beauty
Egyptian Goddess
Little Bird
Gold Wings
Tree of Life
Stripy Girl
Eye of the Snake
In the Middle of the Sea
Little Red Gecko
Monkey in the Forest
Dream of Seagull
Chocolate Skinned Woman
Summer Time
Nobility of the Horse
The Crown
Red Crab
Man Made of Pieces
The Horse with Shieldlike Mane
Flying Storks
Marine Life
The Big Fish
White Crab
Golden Sadness
Red Tiger
Naughty Cat