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Kai Stuht

Kai Stuht

Kai Stuht specializes in photographing VIPs, celebrities and major figures in fashion. As photographer and Creative Director, he is a widely acclaimed international trendsetter with his own unique style in editorial design. Born in Hamburg in 1964, Kai Stuht began taking photographs in the 90s. His photographic development went very quickly from action photography to the staging of athletes as „stars“ and Portraits to worldwide fashion campaigns. In 1999 Kai Stuht founded the creative agency Starshot for Photographie and conception, together with Tina Weisser. From 2003 to 2009 Kai Stuht was publisher and chief editor of the magazine „USELESS – Fashion Vs. Athletes“ and „The Red Flag“ magazine. 2008 admission to the renowned photo agency „Contour by Getty Images“ as the third German photographer.
Schwarzwald No.6
Schwarzwald No.1
Burlesque No.5
Dead Head No.1
Unsharp No.4
Unsharp No.1
Schwarzwald No.3
La Couture
Schwarzwald No.11
Glamouresque No.4
Schwarzwald No.9
Baroque No.14
Schwarzwald No.7
Provocateur No.1
Baroque No.17
Provocateur No.3
Futuristique No.6
Burlesque No.3
Dead Head No.2
Baroque No.5
Baroque No.4
Baroque No.2
Baroque No.10
Baroque No.9
Futuristique No.5
Glamouresque No.7
Schwarzwald No.14
Glamouresque No.3
Schwarzwald No.13
Futuristique No.3
Schwarzwald No.12
Baroque No.8
Burlesque No.1
Futuristique No.1
Burlesque No.2
Unsharp No.2
Baroque No.15
Baroque No.3
Private Moment
Baroque No.13
Baroque No.12
Schwarzwald No.5
Futuristique No.4
Glamouresque No.8
Baroque No.11
Provocateur No.2
Glamouresque No.5
Burlesque No.4
Baroque No.6
Baroque No.1
Unsharp No.3
Glamouresque No1
Provocateur No.4
Schwarzwald No.8
Schwarzwald No.10
Baroque No.16
Futuristique No.2
Schwarzwald No.2
Schwarzwald No.4
Glamouresque No.2
Baroque No.7
Glamouresque No.6