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Steffen Ebert

Steffen Ebert

After spending a lot of time with my father in the darkroom as a child, photography later took a back seat for a long time. Photography has been an important part of my life for many years now. As a mechanical engineer, my photographic focus is on structures, geometric shapes and textures, which I primarily find in architecture. Strict, orderly, possibly symmetrical image composition and narrow, partly abstract image cuts are intended to emphasize what makes the object special. The strong contrasts created by light and shadow are intended to show the viewer the structures, geometric figures, patterns and rhythms. As a rule, I already photograph in black and white, because this gives me a feeling for whether and how a motif works.
Office Buildings
sunrise at the building site
Old Storehouse
The Tower
Wavy House Front
Der Bagger
Demolition Sequence
Building Design
Spiral Staircase Pattern
Diving Bell
Spiral Staircase