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Monika Anna Kovatsch

Monika Anna Kovatsch

Bavaria, Germany
Monika Kovatsch' works are the modern reinterpretation of abstract art. The visual expressions of her works are a true inspiration to the senses. She is holding a Master in Environmental Planning and Ecological Engineering. After her graduation at the Technical University of Munich, she started her career as a Junior-Expert for Land Use Classifications. In her latest job she worked for the government to conserve nature, before she started her international artist career. In 2024, she became a multi award-winning artist, which received the European Critical Award for Visual Arts, ARTIST OF THE YEAR TROPHY 2024, INTERNATIONAL PRIZE BOTTICELLI for her artistic merit and the EMERALD ARTYA AWARD, in honor of her creative contributions to champion environmentalism, humanitarianism and education. Winner of the GLOBAL ART VIRTUOSO: ELITE ARTISTIC CAREER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, an award for remarkable talent, dedication and innovation throughout the artistic journey. Unique vision and exceptional skills, captivating audiences worldwide, awarded, for her significant contributions to the enrichment of the Art World. It means that an artist's work is considered of the highest quality and importance. It is a recognition of her talent, dedication, and contributions to the art world. Winner of the INTERNATIONAL PRIZE LEONARDO DA VINCI (SPECIAL EDITION GOLD), the INTERNATIONAL PRIZE GRAND MASTER OF ART GIOTTO and the FIVE STAR AWARD. Top Selection Paris - 2024. According to the 2024 Art Collectors Choice Awards, one of the worlds best abstract artists. As an international selling artist, she exhibited at numerous events, from New York City, where she was represented at the Grand Opening of the New York Art Center, but also in Hafencity Hamburg and in the Munich area in Germany. Her artworks are exhibited all over Europe, but also in the United States of America and the United Arab Emirates. Berlin, Zug, Miami, Zürich, Alicante, Athens, Venice, Dubai and even the big Screens on Times Square in New York City, are locations were she exhibited more than once. In 2023 her biggest exhibition in Germany became reality. Her artworks were displayed in the MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, Poster museum on the Lower Rhine, in Emmerich am Rhine, Germany, within THE European Art Festival. Her artworks were exhibited in MASTERPIECES OF ART and SAVE THE WORLD. Artist Statement "It is all about nature and atmosphere. Capturing reflectance, light and the mood of natural scenes is my inspiration. The abstraction of reality enables me and the beholder to have different insights in my artwork. As an environmental planner, my propulsion is the conservation of nature and its beauty, thus my art shows a variety of natural highlights in an abstract way." Monika Anna Kovatsch
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