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Mirek Kuzniar

Mirek Kuzniar

I was born on August 12, 1968 in Bunzlau, Lower Silesia (Poland) and come from an old German family of artists. Since 1981 I live in Heilbronn, Germany. I paint since my childhood. I have been working as a freelance artist since 2003. I had my first art exhibition when I was 16. I mainly paint with spatula and oil paints. I paint very quickly and it takes me no more than a day to paint a painting. Because of the bright colors, my works appear very colorful and lively and reflect a magnificent freshness of everyday life that is attractive to all age groups. My paintings are in private collections worldwide. It often happens that a customer buys several pictures from me at the same time. Landscapes, city scenes, cafés and lovers walking hand in hand are my favorite motifs. My paintings are never political. In my art you always see the beautiful life.
Im Sommerregen
Tomtom Coffee House, London
Dorf in der Provence
Toronto, Chinatown II
Die Boote der Bretagne
In den Straßen der Provence
In der Kurve
Sommer in der Toskana
Schönes Amsterdam
Stillleben mit weißen Lilien
Himmel über Tokio
Im Jardin des Tuileries
Toronto, Chinatown I
Provence Idylle
Winterzeit in New York
Nacht über Tokio
Das Winterrennen
Promenade des Anglais
Das Haus in der Provence
Das Mädchen am See
Das Schiff vor Sydney
Herbst im Spreewald
Das Mädchen am Fluss
Place des Trois Ormeaux
Die Autobahn
In den Straßen von Montreal
High Park
Avenue des Champs-Élysées
Boote im Hafen der Bretagne
In der Südsee
Der Spaziergang
Moulin Rouge
Vor den Küsten der Bretagne
Am Brunnen der drei Ulmen
Sydney Hafen
Chicago Theatre
Der Koch und sein Lehrling
Im Frühlingspark