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Petri Damstén

Petri Damstén

Kuopio, Finland
Petri Damstén is a dark art photographer, digital artist and nerd from Kuopio, Finland. The passion for photography started after he retired from his day job as a software engineer. He explores the dark side of life in his art. Images are often moody, surreal and distressing. Self-portraiture has always played a big part in Petri’s pictures. So he has experience of being behind the camera as well as being in front of it. He has won many awards in Finland and internationally, including Fotofinlandia finalist and PX3 Gold in Paris, France.
Out to the Open
The Finnish View
Fluffy Forest
Human vs Life
Broken Mind
The Endless Rain
Waiting for the Coffin
Angel Crusher
A Small Bridge
Bureaucrats' Morning
Preserved Heart
13 O'Clock
Under the Trees
Through the Branches
Bullets Missed
Old Court
Three Monkeys
Kiss of Death
Mill and The River
My Only One
White Fields
Burning at Both Ends
Everything is Shit
Haunting Thoughts
Arch Bridge
Hillside View
Blind Justice
Doomsday Clock
Frog Pond
Balanced Life
Trust you Seek
Sound of Silence
Handle with Care
Kuopio from Above
Mr Black
Hanging by a Thread
Mental Wheel
Path to the White Pond
Jail Time
The Comedy and Tragedy
Puppet Master
In The Middle
Bridge and Gazebo
Roles I Have to Play