Steve Day

Steve Day

Melbourne, Australia
Steve Day is an international award-winning photographer born and living in Melbourne, Australia. His passion is photographing architecture and urban landscapes in black and white. Driven by his long-time interest in architecture, he is inspired to capture the shapes and forms, the light and shadows produced by these man-made environments. His minimalist images are typically devoid of humanity, which contradicts the populace of the urban landscape. He often spends his time wandering the streets with his camera, sometimes seeking the well-known landmark but more often taking an opportunistic approach photographing subjects, shapes or scenes that capture his eye. He is self-taught and his work has been published in several magazines and exhibited both internationally domestically in Australia.
Radio City
Queens Bridge
Dark Echo
Beyond the Shadows
Southbank Towers
Mersey Bluff Lighthouse
Feeling Blue
Dark Empire
Going to the Show