Being 47°54'29.5111" N 11°9'42.5092" E (Tree Crowns 24)

Being 47°54'29.5111" N 11°9'42.5092" E (Tree Crowns 24)
Different sizes in Din A1 format 59.4 x 84 cm and 160 x 115 cm | The "Tree Crowns" series was recognized as a Gold Winner at the Tokyo International Photo Awards in 2018. In 2017 she received 1st place from the expert jury at the FIX Photo Awards in London. In 2015 she won the audience award at the 125LIVE Awards supported by Olympus in London. In 2015 she was added to the Best Photos of the Year selection at the Kolga Awards in Tbilisi, Georgia. She also received 10 more honorable mentions in top-class and international photo competitions. This photograph impresses with its special attention to detail and closeness. It is assembled from 25 - 35 individual recordings. The number of recordings depends on the size of the tree. This creates a testimony of an encounter over a period of time, compared to a snapshot in a conventional photograph. The appearance of the tree remains untouched. With this special technique, Christoph Franke would like to transfer the energy of the natural being tree into the photo. Christoph composes the treetops "standing upside down" in order to invite the viewer to an encounter with the tree as a natural being, instead of - as usual - classifying it with the mind in common experiences and expectations. He is fascinated by the appearance of trees in winter, with their network of branches extending from the inside out.
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Christoph Franke
Christoph Franke
Christoph Franke is inspired by the idea that photographs, like water, store and release energy. Shaped by meeting the alchemist and photographer Marino Lazzeroni, he pursues the idea of ​​“Zen in the art of archery...
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