Photoreographia No.18

Photoreographia No.18
This art project, titled Photoreographia, is the realisation of a photographic concept that is based on the act of resolving the contradiction: dance being a movement through time and photography being the imprint of a moment. To make this possible, András Dobi asked several professional choreographers around Germany to choreograph pieces of dance dedicated to this particular occasion. The two most significant differences between choreographing in the traditional stage- orientated method and the way that Photorerographia is done are linearity in time and orientation in space. The choreography for this image was choreographed by Amancio Gonzalez in 2022. The photo shooting took place in Theater Altenburg Gera.
2000 €
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András Dobi
András Dobi
I’m a fine art photographer, born in Hungary. Currently I live and work in Augsburg. In my photographic work, I see every element equally important from concept creation until printing the final image. For me an interesting image starts with a strong...
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