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András Dobi

András Dobi

I’m a fine art photographer, born in Hungary. Currently I live and work in Augsburg. In my photographic work, I see every element equally important from concept creation until printing the final image. For me an interesting image starts with a strong idea, which is the reason I spend lots of time to forge unique concepts for my projects. All the creation on this website were shot upon my own concept dedicated to the current project. I come from the field of performing arts as I was educated as professional ballet dancer and practiced my profession for many years. During the last couple of years of my dance career I advanced the technical aspect of photography to be able to combine my artistic approach with photography. My aim is to explore contemporary art in through the medium of photography and set my own artistic signature in it. I’m eager to implement the elements of performing arts and diversity theatrical acts to my photography.
The double faced
Photoreographia no.1
Time flies by in Berlin
Torso No.1
Until dawn
Solitary Prince
Inverted balance
The weight of the representation
Sugar maniac No.2
Harvest me
Read my body language
Photoreographia No.16
Photoreographia No.19
Ask Ganesha
Under the weight of light No.1
Faceless portrait
The renitent no.1
Only in Berlin
The strongest point
The black feather
The renitent no.2
Under the weight of light No.4
Taste of my tears
The taste of the lost moment
Garlic face
Analog composite No.3
Photoreographia No.17
Photoreographia No.20
Photoreographia no.3
Finding Isaac
Wig on wig off
Once upon a time there was a wall
The golden age of potato
The denouement
The golden age of potatoes
The planter
Inked no.1
Inked no.2
Le sacre de printemps
an:na No.1
Inner darkness
The designer
Analog composite No.1
Photoreographia No.23
Photoreographia No.22
Photoreographia no.2
Photoreographia no.5
Torso No.2
Luc no.2
Guilt No.1
Guilt No.2
Under the weight of light No.2
Seek my true nature
The paint suctorial
an : na No.3
an:na No.2
Am I ready?
Photoreographia No.21
Photoreographia No.18