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Doris Duschelbauer

Doris Duschelbauer

Palma de Mallorca, Spain
“Guided by pure emotions and without a focus on a figurative content, I try to trigger feelings that each person perceives differently.” Doris Duschelbauer is a German artist living on the Island of Mallorca in Spain, where the sun and the Mediterranean Sea are uniquely inspirational for her to create light-flooded artworks. Right after the artistic baccalaureate in fine arts and French, she took part in her first group exhibition and was especially mentioned by the press. Apart from art, traveling was just as important to her. On a two-year backpacking trip through North and South America she often took the opportunities to work in the studios of different artists, which helped to find her own style. After this very important period of her life she stayed three years in Montreal, Canada before she returned to Europe, where she had the chance to work in the most prestigious advertising agency in Hamburg. But after a few years the wanderlust was stronger again and she finally settled in Mallorca. There she became more and more integrated into the Spanish art scene. Her popularity has increased again with a documentary about her showed by the Spanish television and finally her dream came true of making a living from art.
Good vibes
In the shallow of the sea
Flowing into the depth
View into the silence
Nature's music
Looking for freedom I
Life can be so colorful
La belleza del agua IV - The beauty of water IV
Serenade of feelings
La belleza del agua III - The beauty of water III
Dance on the water
Longing for silence
[sawˈdadʒ] - Saudade
EL CRONISTA - the chronicler
La mirada - the look
La mar III
Women - a gift from nature
Green like spring