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Klaus Lenzen

Klaus Lenzen

The German photographer Klaus Lenzen has been intensively involved in photography for over ten years. He lives in Ratingen, a neighboring city to Düsseldorf. The representation of structures, shapes and colors in a minimalist, reduced manner are his preferred subject. His works are characterized by the concentration on the essentials; nothing should distract the viewer from the motif. He sometimes further emphasizes the minimalism of his works by underlining them with shades of gray. In contrast to his minimalist pictures, he occasionally makes excursions into the design of large-format, colorful collages. He artfully brings together numerous individual photos of the same subject. Many of his pictures have won international photography awards. The successes at the SONY WORLD PHOTGRAPHY AWARDS deserve special mention. In 2018 and 2021 he won a category in the Open Competition, and in 2023 one of his series of pictures was shortlisted in the Professional Competition. Examples of other awards from renowned photo competitions include: New York Center for Photography, 3rd place PRIMARY COLORS 2022 Award dodho Magazine Barcelona, ​​Finalist Monochromatic Awards 2022 International COLOR AWARDS 2021, 1st place Category Architecture Prix ​​de la Photographie Paris 2019 Winner Fine Art; SIENA International Photo Awards Category Winner 2019, Minimalist Photographer of the Year Tehran 2019, IPA Fine Art Photographer of the Year New York 2018. Tokyo International Photo Awards 2018, Gold in Fine Art/Collage His work has been exhibited in group exhibitions at, among others, Somerset House London, the Aperture Gallery New York and the Willy-Brandt-Haus Berlin.
the yellow staircase
architecture minimal b&w IV
white house
architecture minimal b&w I
heavy metal
rowing art IV
government district
white house II
track and field I
every breath you take
white house IV
track and field III
the street light
waste art I
rowing art I
track and field II