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Louis-Philippe Provost

Louis-Philippe Provost

Fine Art photographer Louis-Philippe Provost is inspired by architecture and travelling, sharing his passion through his creative work where he studies buildings and landscapes from new and different angles. In his unique style, he favors black and white to highlight the composition and contrast of his images. After completing a two-year program in photography at La Cité Collégiale in Ottawa, he worked for ten years as a printer in a professional photo laboratory. Through the years, he acquired a solid experience in printing while perfecting his image manipulation techniques. His transition from the darkroom to digital imaging enhanced his capacity to innovate and improve his photographic production. Louis-Philippe devotes numerous hours to edit each art piece of his portfolio in order to guarantee a unique delivery. Aspiring to indulge us with a production of the highest and most professional quality, he also chooses carefully the printing medium by way of a signature to his creations.
San Francisco
The Window
Straight Up
Manhattan Bridge
Stata Center
Waves of Steel
Curves 1
The Vessel and the Shed
Zig Zag
Habitat 67
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Petersen Automobile Museum