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Oscar Seco

Oscar Seco

The Museo Nacional Reina Sofía, Madrid (National Museum of Queen Sofía) and the Museo DA2 Domus Artium, Salamanca have already presented Oscar Seco's paintings. His works were included in other international museums and collections. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Complutense University, Madrid (1984). Hundreds of exhibitions in Spain, Germany, USA, South Korea, Portugal and Chile testify to a career full of creative power and creativity spanning several decades.
Little Nemo in Secoland 2
Caídos del cielo / Vom Himmel gefallen
#vamosamorirtodos 4 / #wirwerdenallesterben 4
Caídos del cielo 2 / Vom Himmel gefallen 2
#vamosamorirtodos 5 / #wirwerdenallesterben 5
#vamosamorirtodos 6 / #wirwerdenallesterben 6
Caídos del cielo 3 / Vom Himmel gefallen 3
#vamosamorirtodos / #wirwerdenallesterben
#vamosamorirtodos 3 / #wirwerdenallesterben 3
Little Nemo in Secoland
#vamosamorirtodos 2 / #wirwerdenallesterben 2