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Christian Redermayer

Christian Redermayer

My name is Christian Redermayer and I'm a creative problem solver as architectural and fine art photographer for my clients. I'm based in Vancouver, Canada. I enjoy solving problems for my clients as a creative and I'd love to deliver my promises of Swiss quality to my clients. Focusing on architectural and fine art photography and consider them essential for me. A little bit about myself first. Playing ice hockey as a goalie, or doing sports in general is part of my life ever since I was a child. I was a little boy when I first used my dad’s film camera. It was so fascinating for me how this machine, combined with a role of film could freeze a moment in time on a piece of film and paper. During my apprenticeship as a pastry chef, I attended many photography courses after work, but it was not my goal at that time to be a professional photographer. My career path was a different one. I worked for a leading Swiss Television company. I also worked in the sports, retail, finance, and IT communication sectors amongst others as a team leader, project manager, and event organizer, and also had a chance to discover the world during my work as a motorbike tour guide. Besides my regular jobs. I always documented my journeys in Europe, Morocco, and the United States through photographs and received positive feedback about them all the time. I sold some of my best images and albums to friends and clients, and I had the opportunity to hold my first exhibition showcasing the photographs I had taken during my trips in 2015. The exhibition was quite successful and encouraged me to keep taking more photos and improving my skills. All the positive feedback also encouraged me to make some changes in my life, especially after I went through a difficult time with some serious health issues. I applied for a full-time photography program in Vancouver, and this definitely pushed my skills and level of work to a professional level. In the meantime my photography has been recognized by some of the World prestigious Photography Awards Organisation's and earned multiple International awards. Highlights are for sure being nominated as one of the Finalist for the prestigious Photographer of the Year 2020 in British Columbia, Canada. Even more exciting and totally unexpected was earning the title as 2021 IIC International Commercial Photographer of the Year. In addition, my memberships as an accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada and as a member of the Master Photographer International Organization have helped me develop my professional craft. This gives me a lot of inspiration and pushes me forward to discover new techniques and extending my skills. Thank you for taking your time reading my bio. Christian Redermayer Be unique with your artwork.
The lost City of Atlantis no.1
Surrey City Centre Library - 01
Ancient Egypt no.6
Surrey City Centre Library - 02
Harwood Building - Vancouver
Silver Moon
Canadian Torii II
Peaceful Oasis
Granville Bridge - Gotham City
Ancient Egypt no.2
The lost City of Atlantis no.3
The gardens of the lost City of Atlantis no.1
A dark and foggy night in Venice
Ancient Egypt no.3
Ancient Egypt no.4
Canadian Torii
Fly over the Moon
The gardens of the lost City of Atlantis no.3
The lost City of Atlantis no.2
Mysterious palace in Venice
Last night in Venice
A silent meeting on a mysterious silver night in Venice
The Palazzo covered in silver light
Touch the Moon
WOW Westminster - Gotham City
The gardens of the lost City of Atlantis no.2
Surrey City Centre Library - 03
Ancient Egypt no.1
Venice at Night
Ancient Egypt no.5
Canadian Torii III
Praying Orcas
Fly past the Moon