The Adventurers of Photography #3 | Roman Königshofer

The Adventurers of Photography #3 | Roman Königshofer

01 May 2022

Interview with Roman Königshofer About his Photographic Adventures

As the third episode of our new blog series “The Adventurers of Photography “, we had the chance to ask Roman Königshofer about his experience of landscape photography.

Roman Königshofer is a landscape and adventure sport photographer. He also deals with film making as well as visual content creation in general.
How much time in a year do you spend outdoors and photographing?

That is hard to say. It is different every year. Now a bit less because I am a father now. And not always when I spend time outdoors I take my camera with me. I would say around 80 days a year with a camera probably.
How do you plan your adventures?

It is different every time again. Because first we have to see if it is a job or if it is for personal reasons. I do a lot of research (online, books, and so on) when I have to go on an adventure for a brand and come home with epic images. I do way less planning when I just go for myself, just for the sake of going.
What was the most unexpected moment in your journeys?

When I was in Nepal with my girlfriend it was a bit unexpected to see that the minority of the visiting people there carried their backpacks themselves.
What is your favorite photo project so far?

A personal project. I was shooting with Orcas in the Arctic Ocean in Norway. An unbelievable experience.
As a landscape / nature photographer you travel a lot, wake up early to reach your desired location. How do you keep yourself motivated?

I just love being outdoors fully immersed in nature. I guess that is where my motivation is coming from. I travel less these days though. Getting up early for unique mood and light is worth it most of the time.
How would you describe your photographic work with only one word?

Would you change your lifestyle for anything?

I don’t think so. I am pretty happy right now.
What is your dream location to shoot?

There are many. The Himalayas for sure. Antarctica looks interesting too…
By photographing the nature, you are not controlling the scene which you chose to be your subject. How do you deal with the given situations? Are you more like the photographer who imagine an image and visit the same location until gets the image or you visit a location and regarding the actual condition you make the best out of it?

I rarely visit a location again and again. I wanna see and explore new locations. That is what is driving me. Of course, if I shoot for a client it is different and it surely can happen that I have to visit a location more often.
Why did you choose outdoor photography? What is your mission with it?

It just came naturally. I didn’t specifically choose it. I was always happy outdoors doing all kinds of sports. So, at some point I started documenting my activities.

It is great if people start going outside after they saw some of my images or if they get more sensitive to mother nature.

Roman Königshofer

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