Jennifer Franzke | Painter

Jennifer Franzke | Painter

01 Mar 2021


My name is Jennifer Franzke. I am an architect and an artist. My work as an artist is deeply connected to my love of architecture and its process. My process of creating paintings is similar to creating architecture, but with a lot of “on site” changes. I grew up in Florida and studied in Miami and London and I live and work in Munich. Not being rooted in a place has some advantages as a painter as well, which is why much of my work explores movement in the context of time and space.
Elements, ideas and spaces from the classic antique, cities and maps to Eadweard Muybridge, Newton, and Paul Virilio are combined with my personal views to form new dynamic relations for the viewer to interpret individually.
Drawing in situ in urban and rural spaces brings fresh impulses into my process. I switch between small and large sized work, and between different media, such as etching, drawing, painting, collage and photography, so that my work continues to develop aesthetically and intellectually.
Open Editions that can be customized and Explore Original Art.
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